About Us

Fresh is a family affair. Two vans, two men and one wife keeping an eye on it all! We are small but super professional and very friendly.

Adrian and Dan get mucky! They clean the ovens and carpets day in and day out. Adrian likes a natter and takes milk and one sugar in his tea, Dan is more of a coffee man!

The boss is Joanne, Adrians wife, who keeps an eye on the boys. Causing chaos in the background are Adrian and Jo’s two daughters!

Chances are when you ring you’ll speak to Joanne. She’ll talk you through your needs, give you an exact quote and book you. 

Fresh started in 2002 cleaning ovens following the old maxim ‘ where there is muck – there is brass’. Whatever you need cleaned, at however short notice, give us a call. Between us we’ll do everything we can to help!

Adrian cleans ovens in Trowbridge

Adrian and his family, he is definitely shrinking as he gets older. Best book quick; may disappear soon…