Give your carpet some protection…Scotchguard it!

Scotchguard is a popular option for carpets, rugs and upholstery once they have been cleaned. It is a fancy substance that creates a liquid repellant surface layer on fabrics – its akin to a kind of ‘gore-tex’ effect where the liquid beads up instead of soaking in.

It’s important not to have too high expectations of course. Scotchgard does not mean your carpets don’t need to be cleaned again (dirt can still build up as usual) and it does not mean you can spill a glass of wine and ‘leave it ’till the morning…’!

The reason for its popularity is that Scotchgard, on fabrics or carpets, gives you time. Once that glass of wine has spilled on an untreated carpet you have a few seconds to blot it ALL up – this is unlikely! Scotchgard temporarily stops the wine (or whatever!) soaking in; giving you the couple of minutes you need to find every bit of dry cloth you can to soak it up! Of course you will probably need to call us to completely remove any stain but Scotchgard means it’s unlikely to be permanent!

If you would like a quote for Scotchgard treatment or have any other questions then just ask – we’d be delighted to help!

Crikey; Scotchgard turns spilled liquid into little men











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