We’re Warminster Carpet Cleaners!

We are the ultimate in local when it comes to Warminster carpet cleaning! Adrian lives in Trowbridge and Matthew in Bradford-on-Avon. Both have lived in the area all their lives, Matthew attended Kingdown school from Year 7 to University, so don’t think you are ringing a call centre in in Milton Keynes – you are calling our little office clinging to the side of a hill in Bradford on Avon!

We use portable machines from Prochem rather than ‘truck mounted’ versions that are available. This is because we work in Bath and access is appalling and also because in most cases these machines, designed for hotels and restaurants, are too powerful for normal homes. We use a multi-stage process to clean your carpet –  we do it super thoroughly and with just a bit of humour!

We clean the carpets in the same way at every job but we can offer additional services when required. For allergy sufferers we can provide a full anti-dustmite treatment. For pet owners we offer anti-bacterial treatments combined with odour control detergents. And, of course, we offer Scotchgarding and anti-bacterial treatments individually when required. If you think you might benefit from these services just give us a bell and we can talk you through the benefits.

What now? Give Matthew a call on 01225 769289 or e-mail matthewh@freshovencleaning.co.uk. We can give you a phone estimate for most jobs or arrange a quick visit from Adrian if necessary. We look forward to hearing from you!

Carpet ( AJM ) and upholstery cleaning in BA12.

It has changed a bit now!